April 16th, 2013

Fair Trade

Pull My Finger

So, Thatcher...

I keep remembering stories I heard about her. How during a meal a waiter spilled a drink or some soup down one of the diners. Margaret told them 'Oh no, don't complain, he'll lose his job.' Another, told by Cliff Richard about a party at 10 Downing Street where one of the people serving dropped some china that smashed. Thatcher bent down 'Don't worry dear, let me get that for you.' Or one told by Michael Portilo about when, as a junior Minister, he was working on some energy bill for the house of commons. One evening Thatcher asked him how he was doing to which he replied he was worried about the gas bill. 'Oh, that must be terribly hard for you.' She thought he meant *his* gas bill, and she was worried about him making ends meet.

I then try to align all these kinds of stories with the demagogue so many of my friends talk about. And I know she did things that rip the heart out many of my core beliefs. She showed nothing but disdain for 'society' as a concept, preferring instead to focus on the self and calling that freedom, something I do not believe.

But at the end of the day I just can't get away from the fact that I feel many of the current crop of 'big name' MPs, from all parties, wouldn't even notice if a person serving them was picking up smashed china, let alone help.

Those of you who hate her won't care she could show compassion when faced with humanity, instead pointing out how she devastated swathes of this country, and those of you who like her will point to how -in your opinion- she saved this country and society needed to evolve. In the end someone died. And I'm standing firmly side by side with John Donne when it comes to death.