May 7th, 2013

Fair Trade

Is This Thing On..?

So, resets...

I understand why the game needs them, I really do. So very many horror stories.

The thing is, I'm not a dick. I don't abuse the system. I don't play abusive characters. Indeed, I go out of my way to generally avoid plot and PvP stuff, mostly because people seem to like the first more than I do and take the latter badly.

I don't want to have to restart my stories. I play mostly once a month. My xp progress is slow (in comparison to many others) but the character development is what I really love. None of the PCs I've played have finished their stories. I can't help it if the society was mental when they linked MC to XP. I've always said it's way to much. We get to much at character creation and to much in play. We absolutely need to adjust what we consider decent numbers, and a rounded character. Frankly, we're greedy.

But I'm not a dick. I generally don't play with people who play like dicks. And so I don't tend to notice the numbers on character sheets. Also - and let me be clear on this - the stories I'm enjoying haven't ended yet. I don't enjoy playing multiple characters, or retiring a character for no good reason. So splatting them because the society I'm a member of can't seem to function without a minimum of 100 xp on a character sheet is frustrating.

I'm not really into things that much these days. Gone are weekend trips across the country, hunting down that elusive XP cap. Other things interest me now. And that's good.

I'm rambling. I don't mind less XP. I'm happy to earn no more than 4 a month (2 for first game, 1 for additional and max 1 for a DT). I'm happy to start with less. (MC x 5. Easy.) But I'd rather a soft reset. (MC + 2 xp per month in play of character.)* If I can imagine a world with vampires, werewolves and mages I'm pretty sure my immigration can handle the idea that while my character did do all the things he remembers, the way he did them may have been slightly different. Soft focus memory is fine by me if you want to soft reset. We manage to come up with excuses all over the place for our characters to turn up at places, or what evre, we can handle fudging things for a soft reset can't we?

Oh, and I'd want to see an 8/4 success draw, not 10/5. ;)

*I just made that number up. No idea if it works.