July 16th, 2013

Fair Trade

I Have a Test Today

Creationists often point to examples such as the bones of the woodpeckers tongue or the Chuckwalla Lizard as proof of intelligent design. Personally I feel all that proves is that the don’t quite understand what evolution means. Literally. They don’t understand the word, let alone the science behind the theory.

However, were a creationist to enter my house and point to any one of the numerous Daddy Longlegs, either living or dead scattered about the place and said ‘Behold! No creature could evolve to be that useless! Proof that the hand of God not only shaped their design, but also that he enjoys the Three Stooges!” well then yes, I would have to concede they had a good point.

These things are rubbish. They are thwarted by shoes. SHOES! Seriously, if tey bump into one it takes them multiple attempts to get past it. I’ve got wind up toys that can make it over a trainer, but these creatures can’t manage it. As I watch they smack against something and, in doing so, loose a leg. Their wings are about as useful to flying as the ones you might find on a sanitary towel, and that whole ‘most deadly point in the world but rubbish teeth’, it’s a myth! They don’t even have a fun pub fact going for them!

I dislike them almost as much as I dislike pandas.