July 31st, 2013

Fair Trade

Bitter Berries

Over the last few months I've been fortunate enough to attend a workshop entitle Poetry as Healing. Lead by Chris Tutton, I'm still trying to fully digest what I thought of them and how useful they were to me.

What it did bring home to me was just how useful and alive a library can be. They are a really great idea, and have moved past being simply places to go and read to multi-media community centers, assessable to everyone. Anyone can get a library card. I overheard a pregnant woman being told her new born child would be able to become a member, just as soon as he or she were born. We're so used to them that we forget just how mind-boggling amazing they are. Each and everyone one of us has access to pretty much any book we could realistically want. On top of that there is music of all kinds, the internet, activities, exhibitions, and all of it for free.

As temples of human ennoblement they are hard to beat. Go use yours, enjoy your tax money at work!

This was originally going to be a post about mental states and how, at times, I feel a bit like King Canute trying to hold back the waves of depression lapping towards me, but part of depression is finding it hard to focus. So really, I guess the whole thing is about depression, in a roundabout sort of way...