Keyser Soze (sherbetsaucers) wrote,
Keyser Soze

Acorn Antiques The Musical!

I enjoy Strictly Come Dancing.

Thee, I said it. No shame.

Watching it is great fun for me. It's just so non-synical and fun. Even the 'nasty' judge is just a pantomime villin. I find it to be absolute escapism. It's so over the top but for the time it's on I just can't feel bad. It's just light entertainment.

However, (Dun dun duuun) last week at Wembely? I didn't enjoy it. Not because of the dancers, the music, the judges, but because of the camra work. It was STUPID! Unnecessary crane shots, wide shots, pannign shots... How on earth was I supposed to be able to watch the dancing? Ok, you're in a huge arena, but that's been mentioned just once or twice, you honestly don't need to show me every three or four seconds. Frankly the director should be beaten with a stick.

Oh, and I want Michael Vaughan to win. Because I usually like the one who works the hardest. And there is *no* question that that's him.
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