Keyser Soze (sherbetsaucers) wrote,
Keyser Soze

Into the Woods


Ok, it's a day late but I couldn't get on line yesterday.

So, yeah, yesterday was Muppetmas her at my place. A little tradition where we sit down and watch four Muppet Christmas films back to back. The ones watched were:

Muppet Letters to Santa
A Muppet Family Christmas
It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie
Muppet Christmas Carol

It was fun. Had a few people over and I ate junk food for the first time in a while. Earlier that day Christmas decorations had been put up, and that wa rather nice and pleasing too. Still, the whoel thing just got me wanting to talk about Christmas movies, of which I have a lot. I thought why not pop up a review every day as I watch them? And then I failed day one.

Still... Let's crack on. I'll do two today to make up for it.
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